Monday, May 17, 2010

Well...I did find a way to retrieve the lost footage from last night's session....but the free download tells me it can be retrieved, for $25-$53 I can actually get the footage back.....sorry.....too'll just have to take my word for it. The guys looked and sounded so awesome. It was a clip that totally explained why I just always want to jam with them. I'll just have to paint the picture with words. If they were chocolate....they'd be a Galaxy Bar....not the small one at the check-out....the really large one that Santa puts in the stockings at Christmas. If they were trees....they'd be a catawba.....which I probably spelled incorrectly, but it is the ultimate tree house tree! Everyone should plant one for their grand-kids or great grand-kids! If they were vodka....they'd be that Vanilla 3 Olives stuff.
So....just for a wee laugh I'll put up some clips from this year's Burns' I'm at my pal Wendy's house...and she's making food for us, so my kitchen with not be mussed, I'm pulling some of her photos! It's a little taste of Scotland before I get there! Enjoy!
Last update on the flight attendants is they'll be back by the week-end...which doesn't really help me, but whatever! Here's another photo!

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