Monday, July 13, 2015

Hard Times Come Again NO MORE!

So this last week.....was miserable.
It really was.
As if the three-ring excrement show that is my family life is NOT ENOUGH, the DREAM JOB that I was convinced was my destiny crumbled to bits at the 11th hour because of MONEY... super tacky and nasty and....well...heart-breaking!
Wrapped in my own misery, I was holed up in my room with Netflix and tissues and diet ginger-ale wrasslin' the demons of self-doubt and the apparent reality of my total failure as a grown-up.

It was during a bitter swipe through Facebook that I caught a brief post that my dear friend Blake was holding his father's hand....whilst his father was in HOSPICE.

Oh my Lord! I was shocked. Could I have, in my last few difficult months, been told his father wasn't well, was terminal even, and forgotten? Forgotten something so huge, so life altering, so huge? Could that have happened? How hellish.
I really care for Blake, and although I haven't met his dad, feel I know him because of Blake and his fabulous storytelling and ability to connect.
So, I prayed and I reached out...but oh.
His father died.
A wonderful man who loved his family and was a delight, I am sure.
Blake will be different when he returns. A person can't have those big losses like losing a loving dad, without being altered. And I will be ready for Blake as he is...whenever...however.

I, on the other hand, am not altered. My week that was awful will always be remembered as an awful week, but not the same kind of life changing awful as one where there has been a death.

I am looking forward to being with my friend and hearing his story if he wants to tell it.
He is a great guy, and once again, without even knowing it, was able to help me find perspective!

There will always be those who seem like they have it easy....and those worse of than us. If we are only concerned with what's going on with OURSELVES, then we lose the focus, the perspective.
It's not all about us.

Hard times come...hard times go....we're in this together!