Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How cool would it be to have a daily blog!

I write this rather tongue in cheek. The intention is always to write daily, and now that it's just about the start of the new liturgical year, it's another Auld Lang Syne!
Can she do it? Yes, she can! I go, commenting on this week's lectionary and , nae doubt, getting sidetracked.
Since I actually haven't spent much time with the text, i think I might get sidetracked first, just to get it out of the way!
This liturgical year has been a really tough one for me....not the liturgy.....just the year. It's been a tough year. Even as I write this i have my foot elevated higher than my heart and am thinking healing thoughts and awaiting stitch removal. It's been a one-thing-after-another kind of year.
So year B