Saturday, February 23, 2013

temporary lenten journey derailment.....

Oh dearie me....

Just when you least expect it, right!
I'm all encouraged on thought journey related with the Peace Pilgrim planning meeting and all, when my's my car, but just like my bike, I think of it like a horse, starts taking on water....yeah like...WHAT?!
I know! The passenger side floor was swamped. Sad face.
I sit here, by the window, NOT looking out on Silver (the obvious horse/car name), nor am I driving about on my journey....because it's in the shop!!!!

Yeah. I sit here thinking about lenten journey, journey, thwarted journey, Journey and well.....shelter. It's horrible out...very Scottish weather.....and I am warm, dry, if not bored.....

This week's lectionary texts speak of both journey: Abram...the Psalmist....Jesus....Paul.....
and also is the concept of God as the shelter....
On Monday's trip to the AC RV show, the boys and I giggled and dreamed our way through all the amazing RVs thinking of where we could go, and in what style and comfort we could travel. Imagining God on the journey as that kind of RV is one kind of shelter for the journey to be sure.

In God's house are many mansions...and throughout the story of the covenant we are constantly reminded not to worry about ANYTHING....just to love God with all our hearts and souls and minds.
So much easier said than done!
But still....we are assured that if we trust, God will see us through, in style!
So, I appreciate my warm and dry....and my less dry but soon to be dry Silver....and this journey,
challenging, exciting,
God is WITH YOU.....
Don't stop believing! Hold on to that feeling!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Walking for peace......

So, this is the window where I thought,
 "Huh. How many years since I last wrote on that blog!"
 This is where I shall be as I think about reviving the long neglected blog! This is where the new journey continues!
The truth is, just like every other journey I take, something drew me off course!
And, it being Lent, there is a lot that reminds us of journey. Today I sat in a meeting that was about planning next September's "Peace Pilgrim" Celebration in Egg Harbor City.
For those who don't know her story. The "Peace Pilgrim" basically spent the last 20 years of her life wandering about America, and some other countries, too. She vowed to walk until all wars were ended. She never planned where she would stay, or where her meals would come. She traveled with the clothes on her back, a toothbrush and a comb. She preached the peace of the inner light...that larger, world peace could only be achieved when we found the peace within. So lovely. So simple. So brave. 
I sat, a by-stander of sorts, in awe, thinking about what it would be like to just decide that the rest of my days would be spent walking for the name of peace.....with only God to guide and provide.....just as "Peace" did. Never worrying about gutter replacement, cracked foundations, uncharged laptops, what the neighbors think. Just walking and meeting people. Amazing. I guess if it still feels scary or crazy, then the time is not right.
I totally respect her....and at the same time it seems so unreal...and makes me check if "Forrest Gump" is on Netfix!
Even if we don't sell everything, and just begin walking and preaching the inner light, how is our journey one of freedom and trust in God. How can we simplify it so that the rest of our "journey" can be the kind where we can notice the flowers, the sky, the changing seasons? That all we "carry" with us is the very minimum? That we trust God for ALL the rest?
Maybe before we set out on the highways and byways, we try this for just a day. Hmmmmm. Life is like a box of chocolates....... is where to find out more about "Peace"! she was an interesting and inspired individual.
Walk on, friends!!!