Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lorica: Jeanie's Breastplate.

Those breastplates were made of the skins of the 
Leaping wild deer
Who were chased by strong, glancing youths
And smiling, slevering hounds
Over swift sparkling waters 
Like the eyes of themaidens 
Blushing at their 
Bold return
And carefree laughter.

And that is the magic 
In battle

Hearts protected
By the summer sun
The running river
The green of hill
The muscle and cheer
And swift response of boy
And dog
The tinkle of laughing girl and birdsong

All in the work of the tanners'
The armorers' hands
The squires' hands

The warrior 
Surrounded by all 
That creation praises

And mine.....
Now woven
Of rainbow and 
The vapour of grandmothers songs
Of the sounds of daddy's
Whirring lawnmower
And the energy off a firefly's glow
Of the color of the love that has no words
And the words of respect 
Whose color has no name

All in the work of mother's
The friends' hands
The children's hands

Surrounded by all 
that creation praises
I gather up the strong name of the Trinity