Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So......did those feet, in ancient times, walk upon England's mountains green?

Whoo hoo! Have not only landed in London, spent pretty much the whole day sitting on luggage in Kings' Cross Station because it was 8 quid a bag to leave the luggage in the lockers.....8 quid....that's 16 dollars! Per bag! Flight was uneventful. Everyone slept like babies...babies on Benadryl.
So now on the EastCoast train headed up to Edinburgh....there's wireless service! Very civilised! :) Cuppa tea and my laptop! Who could ask for anything more?!

So..(cue boy's spirit of William Blake....) ..did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green?.....and was the Holy Lamb of God on England's pleasant pastures seen??? Oh wait! There HE is?!'s just a regular lamb. Wow...that was freaky.

Houses and pastures and yellow fields of rapeseed....which I think is what canola oil is made from. All very beautiful and English. This is a lovely smooth, fast train. It has clearly been a while since I took it. I think the last time Reagan was still president and Thatcher was still PM.

Am still, obviously, hopeless at the video upload! I think I had the setting at too whatever for the upload. So I've knocked the quality down a bit....hope it works now. It's already showing me that it loads incredibly slowly....I might have to upload to YouTube first. I wish I wasn't such a dolt with this stuff.....I want it all to be easy and professional looking! Is that asking too much??????


  1. Just seeing how this comment thing works. Hope you see many great sites and tell us all about it. Rainy here in NJ and I still haven't planted my flowers!

  2. Hi! So glad you made it! Looking forward to the daily news!