Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strikes, the garment industry in New Delhi, and demon alcohol.....

Well! Do I have a story for you! It truly is one of these things that folk are going to think I made up!
It turns out that British Airways have cancelled the London to Glasgow least the one we need, which for me, was just fine. I'd much rather sleep on a train for several hours on the way to Edinburgh. It would mean missing visiting The Globe Theatre in London...which, embarrassingly, I admit I have never gotten to go see despite my love of all things Shakespeare.
Anyhow! R goes online to get the train tickets booked and his card doesn't work! He is DECLINED! In a panic, as is his normal response, he races to the bank to hear that for the second time in the season our identity has been stolen.(dun-dun-daaaaah; especially odd in that we find our identities so difficult to maintain why would anyone else want them we'll never know!) Somebody in New Delhi tried to spend $1246.23 of our imaginary money. Not New Deli! Silly! New Delhi, India! Someone was not trying to buy a thousand dollars worth of pastrami and pickles! It happened from buying wine at Gourmet Liquors in Galloway, New Jersey!!!!!!!!!! Someone associated with or working at Gourmet is taking credit card numbers and selling them. What's worse is that in February, our identity was stolen and some dude in Florida went to Vegas on our account.....crime traced back  to.... GOURMET BLOODY LIQUORS!
So, there you have it, were it not for demon alcohol, my train would be booked to Edinburgh.
I am, as of 8:45 am Saturday, not packed, my house is strewn with....well....all the stuff that should either be on a shelf or in a cupboard; shelves and cupboards still coated with that bizarre, chartreuse pollen silt that is best produced here in the Barrens.....BUT
I have, for the first time ever, both cars in the garage! And everyone is happy and healthy, and all excited to go back to Gramma's! (cue Dougie McLean singing "Caledonia")
To remind us all that this is meant to be a blog on my supervised ministry....
Ask yourself when pondering your own identity theft..."Where is God in this?"
PS: When shopping for liquor in Galloway.....use cash!

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