Monday, May 17, 2010

Are we having fun yet?

Well....Eyjafjallojokull is making it a bit difficult. Flights are cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, but are on for Wednesday....with a little luck, the Tuesday 9:30pm flight WILL happen as we won't be in the volcanic dust airspace until Wednesday. Whether we go as scheduled or on a later flight, there will be NO spare seats. I am trying to instruct the boys to dress sharp for the flight....with the luck we've been having, it's possible a bit of good luck will be thrown in, and we'll be bumped up to first class! I know you are all shaking your heads right now wondering WHY I'm thinking this. This is why I can't ever buy a lottery ticket...I always think I'm due for some really good luck! Setting myself up for disappointment for sure. Actually, with no real flight attendants we'll probably only have sandwiches...deli sandwiches...hopefully not from a new deli....or even New Delhi, as I have some issues with New Delhi! (see prior post to get the schtick)

Last night we played at McKee's. I got some great footage on the Bloggie to post.....and somehow LOST it whilst trying to upload.... Am really quite bummed because it was very funny and the piping was pretty hot.
I suppose this is a good thing that I messed it up here...before my official would be a shame to lose an important bit of the General Assembly....or a walk through a haunted castle, churchyard, or prehistoric site! Or a bunch of musicians playing in a pub in Beith, instead of EggHarborCity!

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