Friday, May 21, 2010

How cool is this......quite, as I'm in front of a fan!

OK...this is sort of a long story, but now I have some access to some awesome, professional pictures....and hopefully video before too long!
Am sitting in front of the fan, which is fabulous as Edinburgh is very hot just now, (Take that! Smug New Jerseyites who told me to pack exclusively for rain! HA!)
in the PRESS OFFICE for the GA. Thanks, of course, to Eileen.

Right! Today has been really amazing. This morning was mostly about a debate that very much spoke to the whole condition of BEING that it was about defining the role of the Church of Scotland in...well....Scotland. Is it the role of the kirk to inform the government? The society? The people who don't attend?

Some great speeches. I'll try to get some up for you....this is becoming my mantra, I know, but I will....eventually....

This is a question I'd like to pose to anyone who is in the reformed tradition reformed people surely we need to take seriously how we impact the civil government...more ponderings later.

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