Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain...Dust...the Crook runs away....sing for joy anyway!

Here we are in the final push to get ready for Scotland. This won't be a long discussion as it's 6:30 am....and I'm already behind!
The crook in New Delhi got away with the cash.I don't actually know what that we ever get the money back? I'm seriously considering giving up using debit cards. In 1971, before 24 hour computer banking nobody in India had access to my money.....well....I was it was only like, 75 cents .(I just realized my keyboard doesn't have a symbol for cents!)
The volcanic dust cloud seems to be dispersing from over the Atlantic...and has settled inside my house.
We are mostly packed, but the house is a wreck! The dog sitter will be here in the afternoon, so time's a tickin'! I have finally accepted the fact that it can't actually clean itself.
The flight does seem to be leaving on time.
So enough of the moaning!
Let the raindrops dance! The rivers clap their hands! The mountains sing for joy!
And there's always time to play a little harp! Yes, there is.
Breathe in peace, breathe out peace!
I'll report about the flight when I'm settled in Edinburgh...I can guarantee there'll be few laughs in it! :)
Enjoy my practice interview with my little pal, Christian!

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