Friday, March 1, 2013


The color for lent...of course....
But also
of shadow between buildings,
Of the lines around clouds as the sun sets,
Of the gleam off a starling's wing in the cool sunshine of winter,
Or of grackle head,
Crocus bloom....
Or darker blood-purple of winter hellebore,
The taste of chocolate
Even though chocolate is brown,
Or called dried plum....
(it's somehow less offensive)
And the mood?
One deeper inward than blue.....
It's an inside the head color.
Purple is.
Of the understanding that
The hardest thing to do is repent;
Is turn around
On a dime
And work your way out.
Deepest purple
Not so much falling over sleepy garden walls,
lit with firefly bottom
And tasting of chocolate milk from purple cartons
Amidst violets and yellow-eyed purple primroses
On sunny morning kitchen sills....
But of deepest purple
the confusing purple of the Sheol
Of our own creation
Or the stuffed, suffocating, overwhelming
Purple dark of the identity we are stuck in
The purple of Lent
We travel through it
Never alone
although it feels so.
And surface....
Alive....but better.

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