Friday, March 22, 2013

Greeny equal

Green is a kind of an equal colour.
It's not hot and heavy
Red or Orange
Summery passion and flame
Nor is it cold and airy
blue or thin yellow
Apathetic wintery skies
Green can be hot or cold
The wiry shoot of crocus through the snow
Not to be defied
Or the eucalyptus and pine of cough syrup
Prepared to heal

That green equal is there in this
It is there somehow in all that ever is.
I imagine the primordial soup was green;
Oozing and simultaneously hot and cold in bits.

It is balance.

And isn't that what we ultimately seek?
The tension of all creation held tightly....
But not too tightly
Held loosely...
But not so much so as to drift off;
Flying into nothingness
A dispersing of colourful nebulae stuff
Rather than a congealing.

But never a hardening.

And we sit here, reflective

In equitable vernalness of mind
The vernal equinox of this year
On this planet
At this time
Of us when it's not easy being green.
And we equate it to life
And wrestle with it nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. Funny, it's my favorite color. Maybe I'm striving for balance.......