Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainbow Time

At this time,
Time is not an issue because
It's all starting up again
You can feel it and smell it in the
Cool of the morning when yellow sun
Slants through layers of wet, wrinkled leaves
And the dust of centuries on the glass
Of my vision
And as the day gains confidence
The colors do, too:
Each new leaf, each tree, each blade
The oaken preleaf, applepeachcherryblossom, azalea
Ancient wood and orchard
Suburban mailbox, lamppost adoration
New pinegrowth, catkin, flowers that transform from lion tooth, to puff of wish!
Violet spray on lawn and verge
Wisteria high amongst the forest
Swinging and thrumming with the bumblebee song
Cloud and dogwood
Tiny stars in midnight sky remembered
By the scattering of tiny whites along the garden path
Or on the green grass
And around me they dance!
sustaining. Timeless
And the praise in me is involuntary
And the word comes to us that
The colors of such are reminders of those
Who throughout time
Have sustained us...and can still
Their names and faces
Voices and hair
Eyes and energy
Recalled in the creation that swirls around us now
We are not alone
But swept along, supported,
In the colorful dance of timeless creation.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, we are not alone. Especially when there are wonderful souls like you in the world.