Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The middle of the middler

Today I drove up to New Brunswick for my middler assessment. The word assessment ranks right up there with the words
"co-op" and "community project" as things I try to avoid because they generally mean more work for me. And...well....I'm sort of lazy...Who needs more work? Turns out, the assessment wasn't really an was more like a really lovely talk about all the things I think about: my seminary experience, my ministry, and theology in general....clearly, since I have a blog about such things, this is right up my street. So. That's me. Half-way through officially.
So it was a good day.


I saw some carnage today, though....along with the blue sky being brushed clean by the scrubbing brushes of the twiggy trees and the icy breeze, and the perfect, white, midwinter sunlight, my drive up the parkway was punctuated by a sight I've never seen before. As with any highway accident there is the traffic, mostly due to emergency vehicle, clean-up, and rubber-neckers...uh...the rubber-neckers could be forgiven this time because the one-car crash involved a small sedan that must've been going at some speed, skyted off the highway, flew down to the ditch, hit on its front, and flipped. When I was passing the car was nose down....hanging about 20 feet up in the trees. Yes...hung up in the tree tops along the parkway, roof towards the road.
No...I didn't have the thought of taking a picture on my phone or bloggie. It never crossed my mind. The car was empty. the windshield gone. No sign of anybody but the emergency vehicles. Lots of them.
It was all rather unbelievable....I'm now telling myself that maybe it was a set for a film.
Amn't I morbid? It always works its way back to mortality for me, doesn't it? Another example of the fragility of us...this time and space, and the fact that to leave the house angry, or to dwell on the negative is to risk having our last bit here be...well....bad.
If anyone finds out that a film crew was at Allaire wanna let be know?!

I'm not so sure how I'll tie this in to the middler assessment.

Suspended between heaven and earth, life and death, past and future, we're sort of all middlers in one way or another......a celtic z-rod through a threshold of concentric circles....or something to that effect

Lame. HA!


  1. So true. Every time I see an accident, I think about how quickly it all can be over. It puts things in perspective for sure.

  2. Suspended between heaven and, that is some stuff to chew on for awhile. xo